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About Me

My journey into the world of art began in 8th grade art class when Mr. Perry Owens presented us with a sample of his art work- a pair of shoes so realistic they almost walked off the canvas. That was a defining moment for me and the beginning of my passion for art.

This new life path led me to Cal State Stanislaus where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and teaching credential. After Cal State I was honored to be accepted into Art Center College of Design as an illustration major where I spent three incredible years studying with some amazing artists and instructors.

But a life path isn't always direct and neither was mine - it's been more like Dorothy's trip down the "yellow brick road". Although I have been lucky enough to be able to work in the art world for most of my adult life most of it has been as a commercial artist.

I've created graphics and illustrations for a variety of clients from fancy hotels, restaurants and theaters to a semi-pornographic record company (a girl must do what she must). Unfortunately no shoe illustration commissions.

Towards the end of my working career I abandoned the life of an independent business owner for life in the corporate world with regular paychecks. I was first hired as Creative Director for The Game Keeper where I had great fun designing games and game boxes, then moved into the computer age as Director of Training and Photoshop trainer for lynda.com - both exciting and challenging positions.

In 2002 I retired from the everyday work world, moved to Hawaii, and now create artwork for my own pleasure - finally back into the fine art world. Oil paint is my favorite medium - the squishiness of the paint plus the unending ability to mix millions of colors is what attracts me to that medium. My paintings are mostly character studies and portraits. My husband and I love to travel so I pack my sketch pad and camera - I can be seen sneaking around corners camera in hand collecting scrap for future paintings. I also accept commissioned portraits and have completed several since retiring, although perhaps it's now finally time to attempt a series of shoe paintings.

Member of The Portrait Society of America since 2002.

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